mini excavator carter CT45

The Product at a glance

CT45 is a small full hydraulic crawler excavator, can be suitable for multi working conditions. Energy saving, reliable and comfortable, flexible operation, low noise, widely be used in farmland transformation, orchard planting, nursery ditch digging, landscaping, pipeline and underground operation, municipal engineering, etc.

■Equipped with Japanese original Yanmar engine, in line with national three emission standards, with strong power, higher reliability, lower noise and low fuel consumption;

■Adopting Japanese original hydraulic system, large displacement main pump, with larger flow rate, higher pressure resistance value, the operation of the whole machine is smoother and higher excavation efficiency;

■The integral welded upper frame has more uniform load distribution and better rigidity;

■The chassis adopts high-strength X-type welding structure, with stronger load-carrying capacity and greater chassis traction.

■The whole machine meets the requirements of CE certification, selects the cab meeting the requirements of TOPS and FOPS, adopts new silicone oil damping, and is equipped with high-grade luxury seats. The rear vision is wider, the safety and comfort are better, which greatly reduces the fatigue of driving operation and further improves the work efficiency;

■Large area panel opening design, oil filter, diesel filter, air filter are within reach, and maintenance is more convenient.

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