mini excavator carter CT60

The Product at a glance

As a 6 ton levelmode for multi-working conditions, CT60 integrates energy conservation, reliability and comfort,  which has flexible operation, low noise and small vibration, and is widely used in scenes such as construction sites, municipal construction, farmland reconstruction, garden engineering, pipeline laying and the others.

■ Equiped with Japan Yanmar Engine,in line with the country’s III emission standards.The engine has low speed and large torque with low fuel consumption, high operating efficiency and reliability and durability;

■Equipped with hydraulic components specially provided by Carter heavy industries,the whole machine has lower energy consumption, faster response speed and more precise control;

■ Fuel system can be divided into three stages of filtration. Two stages of oil-water separator and one stage of fine filtration have high efficiency and good oil adaptability.More Durable Engine.

■ High strength rotary platform makes strong impact resistance;

■Equiped with mature track idler, carrier roller, track roller, drive gear and track, which makes high bearing capacity, good wear resistance and high reliability;

■The whole machine meets the requirements of CE certification, the full view cab meets the requirements of TOPS and FOPS certification, the full toughened front windshield is equipped with skylight, which is spacious and bright and has a wider field of vision;

■The filters are centrally placed in the engine hood, which is convenient and quick to maintain.


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