mini excavator carter CT18

The Product at a glance

As a newly designed small excavator for multi-working conditions, CT16-9B integrates energy conservation, reliability and comfort,  which has flexible operation and low noise, and is widely used in narrow space such as  construction sites, gardens, municipal and urban construction.

Efficient  Reliable:

Equipped with Japanese Yangma engine, it meets the national III or Euro V and EPA4 emission standards to ensure the reliability of the machine under bad working conditions;

High-precision air filter and two-stage diesel filtration are standard to ensure reliable engine operation.

Sensitive Stable:

Equipped with hydraulic components specially provided by Carter heavy industry, imported hydraulic pump, Danfoss travel motor and rotary motor, multi-way valve and joystick imported from Italy, the action control is more sensitive, the system performance is more stable and the reliability is higher.

Convenient Flexible:

■Chassis retractable, folding dozing shovel, flexible working width, working device can be deflected, suitable for a variety of edge, corner places, hydraulic pilot control, more flexible operation, hydraulic quick change lines, easy to install a variety of accessories;

■Up lift-up overall rear hood, open the hood can carry out daily maintenance work.

Safe Comfortable:

■The whole machine meets the requirements of CE certification. The cab and cab are designed for anti overturning and anti falling objects. It has obtained the certification requirements of TOPS and FOPS, with higher safety; The cab model is equipped with air heater, which better improves the working comfort in winter.

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